Black Buccaneer: is a complex game action with elements of adventure (action adventure) and mixed with horror. The story takes the person sitting in front of computers to the Caribbean for several centuries before the time of the present and shows the pirate world where mystical voodoo powers are on the agenda.
Black Buccaneer is spectacular action adventure, which combines the dark forces of voodoo magic with an exciting pirate setting in a fantastic Caribbean scenery. The player fights the forces of evil as Francis Blade, a young sailor. His exciting voyage leads him to a legendary island where a large treasure is hidden. A mysterious skull amulet bestows Francis with magic voodoo powers that transform him into an intimidating Black Buccaneer. An exciting and thrilling journey begins.

  • Diversified gameplay: spectacular action, fascinating graphics and dark voodoo powers.
  • Exciting horror story in a fantastic Caribbean world.
  • 26 ambitious levels in 9 completely different game areas.
  • Multiple solutions offer replayability and long enjoyment.
  • 2 playable characters with different fighting styles and voodoo powers.
  • Loads of unique and helpful items, tough riddles and deadly traps.
  • Realtime 3D graphics with state of the art light ad shadow effects.
  • Dynamic camera control for an optimal view
Players account for the role of a young sailor here, Francis Blade. The ship, which sailed this gentleman to the New World, was destroyed during the storm. Fortunately, Francis survived and managed to get in one piece to a previously unknown island. There, he found a mysterious, magical voodoo amulet that gives title to the owner supernatural powers of the Black Corsair. Blade learns the story of the legendary pirate treasure, hidden on the island, he unexpectedly visited. With the new power and thus niezważając any danger, Francis begins to search how precious treasure ...The creators of the French development team Widescreen Games distance to go 26 levels, taking place in nine different environments (beach, jungle, various mazes, etc..). When we play one of the two playable characters: Francis Blade and his alter-ego voodoo. Each hero has other qualities and skills, such as Black Corsair is doing best in the fight against multiple opponents, in turn, effectively overcomes Francis arcade section. On the way players are diverse range of opponents (including monsters), the elimination of which can use different weapons (including the sword). It is also successfully avoided several traps pledged to all adventurers, dreaming about winning the treasure.
Artwork Black Buccaneer is made ​​in full three dimensions, with attention to the appearance of both the environment (tuned objects), as well as models or animations in their movements. The authors have implemented the described for realistic lighting and shading effects. Subsequent events observed in the game with the third-person perspective.

System = Pentium III CPU 1.0 GHz
RAM = 256 MB
Size =138 MB
Video Memory = 32 MB
OS = Windows 98,2000,Me,XP,Vista,7 & Windows 8



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